Grade 8- Get your yearbook!



Picture Retake Day!

Picture Retake Day is next Tuesday, December 12. This is an opportunity for any student who was absent on Picture Day to have their school photo taken. Students who were photographed on Picture Day can have their picture retaken if their eyes were closed or there was a technical flaw in the picture.  Envelopes did go home with students and are also available in the office, see Mrs. Nee.   Photos will be taken first thing in the morning, so please be on time for school!

Group Pictures

picture guy'Group and Club Pictures

We will be taking yearbook photos of additional groups and clubs on Wednesday, March 8. The following groups will have their pictures taken:  Yearbook Staff, Student Store Staff, students who auditioned for Central Districts, Student Council, Math Club, Ski Club, Mural,  “Crazytown” School Play (cast and crew), “Honk” School Musical (cast & crew). 

Please be on time for school, photo sessions will start promptly at 8:15. Bring your best smile!

Picture Day!!


On Tuesday, November 10 we will be taking group photos starting right after announcements. Students involved in cross country and/or field hockey are encouraged to wear their team shirts/sweatshirts. Band and chorus students do not need to wear their uniforms. We will take more groups and club photos in the spring.  Pictures will be taken in the following order:
Grade 5 Band
Grade 5 Chorus
Jazz Band
Concert Band 6-8
Chorus 6-8
Select Chorus
Cross Country
Field Hockey
Entire Grade 8 Class
Individual  student pictures will be taken on November 18 They will be back in time for holiday gifts.
Individual Make Up Day will be December 5.

Yearbook Pictures

picture guy'

On Wednesday, March 11, we take the final pictures of our groups, teams, and clubs for the yearbook.  Pictures will be taken first thing in the morning, so please be on time!  Students should wear their team t-shirt or sweatshirt, if applicable. Pictures will be taken the following order:

Student Council
News Crew
Central District tryouts
Boys basketball
Girls basketball
School Store Staff
100 Mile Club

Yearbook Parent Messages



Please take this opportunity to personalize your child’s yearbook by including a special, brief message (size of a business card) from yourself, grandparents, or siblings. The cost of a message is $5.00 and it will help reduce the overall cost of the yearbook for the students. You can pay by cash or check; checks payable to Nissitissit Middle School. To avoid spelling errors, please print neatly on the form, especially when using  nicknames. Message form and money should be returned in a labeled envelope to Mrs. Larochelle. Form are available in the office and in Mrs. Larochelle’s classroom.  Last day for messages is Friday, December 19, 2014! DON’T WAIT! You can also email the message to