Guitars are here!

Our new guitars are here, somewhat tuned, and ready for our students!  Our 7th graders had the first opportunity to get their hands on these instruments and so far are having a blast!  Their fingers may hurt, their brain may be tired, but these students won’t give up on learning a new instrument!  Enjoy the pictures of some of our students playing!

Merrimack River Watershed

The Merrimack River Watershed – shaped by human and natural influences – served as a living laboratory for the study of ecosystems and earth science for our 5th grade students last week!

Our students traveled by boat in Lowell’s canals to explore how natural and human forces are changing the Merrimack Watershed.  We collected water samples, performed tests, and analyzed data. Students also built and tested water filters to assess their ability to clean polluted water and used models to explore how the world’s water is distributed.  What a great learning experience. A big thank you to Mrs. Worth for organizing this trip!

Congrats Jazz Band Students!

A big congratulations to the NMS Jazz Band for earning a Silver Medal at the MAJE Festival! Also, kudos to Lyle Kottke, Troy Wolf, and Sydney Van Gilder for receiving awards for Outstanding Musicianship!  We are proud of all of you! Thank you, Mr. Lanctot for all your efforts!