New NMS Makerspace looking for Donations!


Makerspace starting this fall at NMS!

What exactly is a Makerspace?

A Makerspace is an area that allows for creativity and innovation to occur. This Makerspace will allow students to have the freedom to design, build, engineer, create and collaborate. A Makerspace provides students with a place to tinker, try new ideas and practice the design thinking process to solve problems. This space will focus on creativity, exploratory learning and finding do-it-yourself solutions. Typically a Makerspace includes, LEGOs, Art and Craft supplies, 3D Printers, Computers, and more! We have accumulated many exciting tools already including two 3D printers, Raspberry Pi’s, Makey Makey and Littlebits. Students will use this space while doing projects, in core classes, specials as well as after school clubs.

We have been working to complete the makerspace and have turned an underutilized science lab into this space for our students. We are looking for more materials that can help expose our students to new things that could potentially pique their interests. We have created a wish list below and donations to the makerspace can be dropped off at the school during the summer. This wishlist is a loose guide of products that we are looking for, if you have similar products that you are willing to donate, please bring them in! If you have any questions about the Makerspace or Maker Education please contact Mr. Worth:

Thank you for your consideration and dedication to the students of Pepperell. We hope that with collaboration from the community this Makerspace will not just be a reality, but a huge success!

The school is open 7-3 in the summer, there is a STEM Box in the lobby to drop off donations.

Wish List of Makerspace Items:

Donations- do not need to be new!

    •  Flat screen TV
    • Chromebooks
    • Cameras
    • iPads
    • fabric, felt samples, thread, needles, pins, pincushions and other sewing supplies
    • markers, crayons, glue, tape, scissors
    • Soldering Kits
    • Sewing Kits
    • Batteries! 9v, AA, AAA, coin especially
    • Masking tape
    • Duct tape
    • Packaging tape
    • Pulleys
    • Two-sided velcro
    • String & wire
  • Tools
  • Hammers, pliers
  • Conductive Materials for (Makey Makey)
    • Spare Wire(any type)
    • nuts & Bolts
    • tin foil
    • play doh
    • anything fun that would conduct.
  • Crafty Things
    • Markers, colored pencils, colored paper
    • Sharpies
    • Colored dry erase markers
    • Scissors
    • Construction, colored, and poster paper
    • Paper cups
    • Craft sticks
    • balloons
    • paint brushes
    • Elmer’s Glue


Do you Kahoot!?

Mrs. Carbone’s social studies class has been enjoying a Kahoot!  game to prepare for their upcoming test on the American Revolution.   Kahoot! is a game-based classroom response system where the students are able to use chrome books to answer questions that are created by a teacher and displayed on a shared screen.  They can even access Kahoot! from home, or challenge students from other parts of the world.   It’s always fun to use technology, and this one has our kids begging to study for a test!

IMG_2129 IMG_2128 IMG_2127 IMG_2126 IMG_2125 IMG_2124

Help NMS Acquire A Chromebook Cart!

donorschoose is an organization whose mission is “We make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education. “
In the last year, one of our teachers has used this organization to purchase a classroom set of ipad mini’s. Due to the fact that his project was successful, has provided us with another exciting opportunity. has partnered with Staples who has agreed to contribute half the cost of a new project, as long as we raise the other half.
Here are the details:
  • NMS would like to acquire technology to help our students become 21st century learners.
  • NMS would like to purchase a Chromebook cart that would house 30 Samsung Chromebooks.
  • This cart would be available for all students to use.  The project is listed under Mr. Cullen’s name because he has used this program before. However, the cart would be for the entire school.
  • Staples will donate $5373.26 as long as we are able to raise the other $5373.26
  • This is a fantastic way for us to acquire more technology for our school. We ask that you share this link with family and friends. We already have donors from North Carolina!
  • Please help us make this project a reality by clicking on the link below!
 laptop cart needed



Eighth graders just completed a unit of study on genetics and heredity in science.  Genes are carried on chromosomes and chromosomes are made of DNA.  Each student created two DNA models. Notice the K’Nex building sets from 1970! Those are real “antiques”!


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Club Invention After School Program

invention picNMS is thrilled to bring a new after school enrichment opportunity to our students. Students in grades 5 and 6 can now register for Club Invention! Club Invention will be held on Mondays after school until 4:00 starting October 26- November 23. ***Please note that there is special scheduling one week, please check the registration form.

What will students be working on?

Trash Island: A Garbage Patch Journey™ module:
Children hear of the extreme build-up of trash in the North Pacific Central Ocean Gyre between California and Hawaii. They must figure out if it truly is an island, what it is made up of, and what can be done to keep it from growing. As a crew, children will be faced with ocean research challenges along the way – designing trawls, testing water quality, and creating their own underwater investigation equipment.

Cost: $59, includes all materials

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR CLUB INVENTION! Or, you can complete the registration form and return to school.

Please download the registration form for more information: Club Invention

Mrs. Greelis can’t wait to get started working on this project! We hope you will join her!