PTSG Fundraiser Reminder!!

The NMS PTSG would like to remind parents that their Lyman Pies Fundraiser is due today. Order a delicious pie or cookie dough and the NMS-PTSG will earn 41% of the total sales. All proceeds benefit the students in our school! The delicious pies and cookie dough will arrive in time for Thanksgiving. Order forms were already sent home with students. Thanks for supporting the NMS PTSG!


Scholar’s Brunch

This morning our students enjoyed a delicious brunch sponsored by the NMS PTSG. Students feasted on donuts, fruit, bacon, cereal, and juice. Well deserved for working so hard this trimester! Thank you to the PTSG for providing the food and to Mrs. Bulkow, Mrs. Connelly, and Mrs. Morehouse for serving our students.

Square 1 Art!

Square 1 Art order forms will be coming home today and tomorrow! All orders must be returned to NMS no later than March 31. Checks should be made payable to Square 1 Art.
Orders can also be placed online  at Each child has a unique online art access code on their order forms that you will need to place orders online. Help support our PTSG by purchasing a special keepsake of your child’s artwork. A big thank you to Mrs. Gosselin, our art teacher and our PTSG for this great fundraiser!

Penny Wars are on!



What is a Penny war?  Each grade will receive a jar to represent them in the cafeteria.  The goal is to have the most POSITIVE points in your grade’s jar at the end of Penny Wars.  To gain points for your grade put as many pennies as you can find into your jar!  To sabotage the other grades, stuff as many silver coins or dollars as you can into their jar!  The grade with the most positive points will wins!!


How do you get points?  Each penny is worth a point. All other coins are worth negative points.  In the Penny Wars a quarter is worth a Negative 25 points.  An example would be if your grade has 100 pennies and one quarter than you would have a total of 75 points.

What is everything worth?


1 penny= +1 point      1 nickel= -5 points   1 dime= -10 points


1 quarter= -25 points    1 dollar= -100 points   5 dollars= -500 points


10 dollars= -1000 points     20 dollars = -2000 points


So dig in your couches, check under the car seats and bring in your change from 3/1 -3/31! Jars are in the cafeteria during lunches!


All proceeds benefit NMS-PTSG

2017 Box Top Contest!

Get ready for our new Boxtop Contest! Start saving your boxtops and send them in to your student’s homeroom teacher between now and February 1. Make sure your student’s name and homeroom teacher is clearly marked on the envelope or baggy so they can get credit! The winning homeroom will earn a pizza party and the winning student will get a $25 gift card to AMC Theaters!


Candy Cane Grams


candycaneThe NMS PTSG is hosting a great fundraiser! Parents, students, and staff can purchase a “candy cane gram” for $1.00. The Candy Gram consists of a candy cane and a school appropriate message. Candy grams will be delivered to students and staff on Friday, December 23. Forms can be found in each homeroom and in the main office. We hope you will help support the NMS PTSG and make somebody’s day a little sweeter!