Postural Screenings

spineNissitissit Middle School will begin conducting state-mandated postural screenings next Monday, January 9 for students in all grades. However, if you return the proper form, your child will be excluded. The school nurse and physical education teachers will conduct these screenings during your child’s physical education class. Boys and girls will be screened separately and privacy will be maintained at all times. To allow for full viewing of the spine, boys will be asked to remove their shirts. Girls should bring a bathing suit top or sports type bra with shorts during the screening days. The screening is a simple 30 second observation of the back: first standing and then bending forward. If your child has any unusual findings, you will receive a letter recommending further evaluation by your child’s physician.

Please contact Mrs. Friend in our Health Office with any questions or concerns.

MA Summit on Opioid Awareness


Our 8th graders had the privilege to attend The Massachusetts Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness as part of the health curriculum. The Summit on Opioid Awareness aims to promote healthy choices and educate students about the dangers of opioid use. The goal of the program is to educate young people, educators and other adults about the growing opioid epidemic and encourage healthy decision-making. An essential ingredient to a solution is stopping the spread of addiction through a message of abstaining from experimentation – if less young people are experimenting with these highly addictive drugs, less will fall victim to this often-fatal disease of addiction. The program seeks to educate students, teachers, and parents about the dangers, warning signs, and effects of opioid abuse, and also connect them with resources to deal with opioid abuse. Most of all, the program aims to recognize and promote healthy choices and demonstrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Signs of opioid abuse or misuse may include:

Facts about Opioids:

Flu Shot Clinic at NMS

The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year.  Wednesday, October 19, 2016 from 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM, the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health will host a Seasonal Flu Shot Clinic at Nissitissit Middle School.  Please bring your insurance card as most companies cover the cost, otherwise a fee of $20.00 will cover the cost of the vaccine.  Everyone 6 months and older should get an annual flu vaccine. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for your body to develop full protection against the flu.
The Townsend Library will also be hosting a Seasonal Flu Shot Clinic on October 26  from 1:00 PM-6:00 PM.
For more information please visit

Grade 6 Nutrition Unit

chosemyplateOur 6th grade health classes are starting a new unit on nutrition. Mrs. Larochelle’s students will incorporate more technology into the nutrition unit to make the information more appealing. Each student will sign up (during class time) for so that information can be collected and tracked for both physical education and health. This is a government website that is sponsored by the USDA.

When students access the website during class, they will create a log-in during class time using nicknames instead of their full name. They will have to include some basic information about their height and weight to compute their calorie intake and exercise information, but it is private and only available to them. Students will be able to look at their eating and exercise habits and see how close they compare to the recommendations based on their age and gender. Students will not be graded on their diet or activity, but how they use the website and their understanding of the topics.

If you are interested in completing this unit with us, you may follow the instructions that each student will have. More instructions will follow when your child attends health and physical education class. Please look for more information to follow.

Mrs. Larochelle is more than willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Please feel free to call or email her at

Locker Buddies on Sale Now!


An Announcement from Mrs. Larochelle and our Health Club:

Multiple Sclerosis (or MS) is a disease that disables the flow of nerves to the brain making it easy to have a limp in your leg. This also disrupts  the nerves between your brain  and your body.  MS cannot be medically diagnosed until it has effected at least two parts of your body and caring for MS never ends.  You will continue to care for your MS because there is no cure. MS affects more than 2.3 million people around the world and can be passed through genetics,  but MS is not contagious.  About 100,000 people are diagnosed with MS each year.  MS is not common in young children.  A program for Multiple Sclerosis  started on March 11, 1946 and is more common in areas away from the equator.

Symptoms include loss of appetite, walking difficulty, and numbness or tingling of the leg.  The symptoms usually don’t stay the same throughout the experience.  Because they don’t stay the same throughout the experience, no two people have the same symptoms.  Your symptoms can change very quickly and often that is what happens.  Most symptoms can be managed very easily with the right type of medicine or rehabilitation.  Other symptoms include vision problems, dizziness, pain,and/or depression.

This month to gather money to send to the MS society, the Health Club is selling magnetic locker buddies. They are $2 and all the profits go to the MS Society.  They make great gifts too!!



Dental Care at NMS

teethDuring the week of April 11, a Registered Dental Hygienist from the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health will be at Nissitissit to offer a dental cleaning and fluoride treatment to any student in grades 5 and 6.  This will be done during the school day.  This service is provided at no cost to you, as our community is a member of the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health.

This program includes cleaning and polishing teeth along with an application of fluoride. The fluoride treatment has been shown to reduce tooth decay. Most dentists recommend a dental checkup and fluoride treatment twice a year.

We hope that many families will take advantage of this valuable program. Your child may participate even if they visit their own dentist regularly.  Information regarding this opportunity was sent home with students last week. Please return the form indicating whether or not you would like your child to participate.  We would these forms returned as soon as possible so that we can create a schedule.

Please contact our Health Office at 978-433-0114 with any questions or concerns.