State House Field Trip

The Seventh Grade White Team had the perfect day to walk the Boston Freedom Trail and tour the Massachusetts State House. Characters dressed in Revolutionary War attire guided the students along memorable streets that witnessed the Boston Massacre. Students visited Faneuil Hall, as well as the cemetery where Paul Revere is buried. The walk ended at the Boston Common where students toured our glorious State House and witnessed where bills are made into laws. We weren’t lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our governor, but our tour was arranged by our local State Representative, Sheila Harrington.





Nissitissit River Trip!

“There’s a snake in my boot!”
“No, that’s just water!”, Mr. Pineda told one of his students.
Students and several teachers went to the Nissitissit River WMA on Hollis Street last Friday morning.  After a short walk, nets and tupperware containers were picked up at Mr. Pineda’s truck as children rushed to wade into the river to catch shiners, crayfish, dragonfly nymphs, clams, frogs, and toads.
Fifty gallons of water and many specimens were hauled back to school to set up the classroom aquarium.  By hauling water, problems in adjusting water pH and temperature are avoided.  Over the next several weeks, the aquarium will be a discussion topic as local ecosystems are investigated.
According to Mr. Pineda, there was one question that was asked over and over again:  “When is our next trip?”!🐟🐸

Merrimack River Watershed

The Merrimack River Watershed – shaped by human and natural influences – served as a living laboratory for the study of ecosystems and earth science for our 5th grade students last week!

Our students traveled by boat in Lowell’s canals to explore how natural and human forces are changing the Merrimack Watershed.  We collected water samples, performed tests, and analyzed data. Students also built and tested water filters to assess their ability to clean polluted water and used models to explore how the world’s water is distributed.  What a great learning experience. A big thank you to Mrs. Worth for organizing this trip!

Grade 6 Field Trip!

On Wednesday, May 17 the sixth grade students were engaged in a unique education experience.  They went to Roll On America and participated in STEM activities.  The students learned that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are found in everyday experiences, even in fun experiences like roller skating! They participated in a lesson on formulas, fractions, and fun; the relationship between math and roller skating.  They measured, compared, and averaged the speed of several skaters, and how statistics relates to roller skating.  At the end, they were able to roller skate or roller blade, participate in different games, and socialize with their teammates.  It was a great day!

Heald Orchard Field Trip

Coniferous forest, deciduous forest, grassland, savannah, bird ecology, coyote tracking……Mr. Pineda’s students had the opportunity to study it all in early December.  As an important activity in their environmental science unit, students took a trip to the Heald Orchard five minutes from the school.  Everyone was prepared for the frigid temperatures so they could make their highly relevant scientific observations.  A relaxing picnic lunch was enjoyed by all next to Heald Pond (which is a lake, ecologically speaking) under cloudy skies while they searched the pond’s four beaver lodges for activity.

What a great resource for students to access so close to home!  NMS would like to thank Mrs. Paula Terrasi of the Conservation Commission for making this and other trips possible!

A Visit To Boston

On Friday, October 7, Mrs. Walmsley’s 7th grade social studies classes walked the Freedom Trail in Boston and then had a tour of the State House.  The students were shown where the Boston Massacre took place, learned that the pier where the Boston Tea Party happened is now land, what famous people are buried in the famous Granary Burial Ground, and other sites along the way to the Boston Common and the State House. What a great day!

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Discovery Museum Trip

On Thursday, February 25, the 6 White Team had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Discovery Museum in Acton.   Students were involved in hands-on and interactive explorations of basic science and math principles.  In their Green Energy Exploration, students learned how insulation keeps houses warmer with less energy.  Students were able to build houses and insulate them and observed heat energy transfer using thermal imaging cameras. The students were also able to control an eight foot water vortex, experiment with magnets and create ball runs and pathways at Tinker Tracks.  The students especially liked exploring the sound and communication exhibit, where they learned the art of making music in a sound lab which included a mixing studio, recording booth, tuning forks and rubber ball music wall.  The students who attended were given a survey coupon to redeem for a future visit.

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