Mr. Cormier has GRIT!

Remember all those cold, snowy mornings this winter? Do you know where Mr. Cormier was? He was outside running, training to run in the Boston Marathon! Mr. Cormier has worked hard to accomplish a goal that he set for himself. What an awesome example of GRIT! On Monday, whether you are at the Boston Marathon or watching from your TV, let’s cheer on Mr. Cormier! He is bib #28040. Good luck, Mr. Cormier!



Student Spotlight!

Abriana Cronstrom and Isabella Vasapolli, proudly joined National Grid’s team volunteering at Cradles to Crayons in Boston.

Abriana & Isabella helped put together everyday essentials for 60 kids who need and deserve basic items (clothes for school, shoes, PJs, a coat for cold weather, etc.,) to survive, thrive in school, participate more fully in life, to simply just be a kid! In addition, the girls wrote encouraging notes for these children, and signed up for the “Make a wish” program which involves fulfilling a child’s wish list for the holidays.

The entire National Grid crew participating was extremely proud of the girls work ethic and dedication to this cause. It was a delight seeing the girls in action and having fun! A very proud moment! Way to go Abriana and Isabella!

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Effort & I Am Going To College Month

November’s G.R.E.A.T letter of the month is E for effort.  November is also “I am going to college month”.  Our students were given the opportunity to see where their teachers attended college through a bulletin board in the main hallway.  Also, each day a college is highlighted on our daily announcements, including which staff member and famous people attended that college.  To wrap up our month, November 20 is “college sweatshirt day for our staff.” Staff members  are encouraged to wear a college sweatshirt/shirt to school. It doesn’t have to be the college they attended! Students should wear red and white for a Student Council Spirit Day.



At NMS our core values have always been represented by the acronym CLICK (courage, leadership, integrity, curiosity, and kindness). We continue to practice and preach these values, but have added another acronym- GREAT (grit, resilience, effort, attitude, and try, try again. GREAT supports our efforts in teaching students about the Growth Mindset. At Open House and throughout the year, we will teach parents and students about how they can grow their brains! Each month our School Counselor, Mrs. Thomas, will feature one core value throughout our school. September is all about GRIT.

Grit means to show determination or courage.
G-Give it your all
R-Redo if necessary
I-Ignore giving up
T-Take time to do it right

How can NMS students demonstrate Grit?
~Set goals to work hard on subjects you struggle with.
~Try a new sport or club.
~Invite a new friend to sit with you at lunch.
~Ask for help. Try AGAIN, and again, and again.
~Stand up to teasing, cliques, bullying.


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