Staff Summer Selfies!

The staff at NMS are reading their way through summer! Roll your mouse over the photos to see the captions. Staff and students: send us your summer reading selfies!

Summer Screen Time

Have you been playing the role of screen time police this summer? We know that middle school aged students are overly connected to their devices. There is an overwhelming amount of research that points to the detrimental effects too much screen time is having on children.  Below are a few creative ideas that may help establish some guidelines around screen time at your house for the summer. They could all be tweaked to fit your family. Check them out!




Prevent the Summer Slide!



Research shows that students who do not read over the summer will lose up to 3 months of reading achievement.  Further, this reading loss is cumulative. For example, a student who doesn’t read over the summer throughout all four middle school years, could be more than a full year behind his or her peers in reading. Our fifth and sixth reading teachers presented great lessons on preventing the “summer slide” during the month of June in their reading classes.  Students looked at data, so that they could fully understand “the slide”. Then, they made a reading plan. Have you seen your child’s plan? They chose books they wanted to read, they charted dates they could read on a calendar, they even indicated where they would read.  We even had book swaps, so that students could stock up on great reading materials!

Your children are ready to read, they just may need a reminder! Over the course of the summer, we will be posting Book Reviews written by students and teachers. Please encourage your child to email me when they read a great book. Also, we’d love some “selfies” of our students and teachers reading, send those along, too! Let’s see all of the cool places NMS students and teachers go to read!

One of my favorite reading websites is:

Check out the reading lists provided. They have ideas for everyone!


100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club Results for the 2017-2018 School Year

Just how far did our students walk/run?  Each grade’s totals are listed with some comparative distances to put into perspective the amazing accomplishment of our students!

Nissitissit Middle School to:

  • Statue of Liberty = 212 miles
  • White House = 441 miles

922  miles- Grade 7

1,104 miles – Grade 6

1,217 miles – Mr. Cormier, grade 7 and 8 math teacher,

  • Walt Disney World = 1, 307 miles
  • Yellowstone National Park = 2,354 miles
  • Alaska = 4, 526 miles

8,066 miles – Grade 5 (4,870 more miles than grade 5 completed last year!)

  • Earth’s diameter = 12, 756 miles
  • The Equator (Earth’s circumference) = 24, 901 miles

38,274 miles: The distance NMS students, staff, and family members completed over the past 4 years!

Congratulations runners and thank you Ms. Stanton for organizing this program!