First Day for Students!

Hello NMS Community!

We had an awesome first day today! It was great to see all of our blue cohort students in person and our red cohort students virtually! There was an energy of excitement that could be felt throughout the entire building. Thank you to the Pepperell Fire and Police Departments for joining us this morning and welcoming students into the building. Also, thank you to Superintendent Morgan for taking time out of your busy day to visit! 

All students have been emailed their Google Classroom information, and teachers have emailed their students their schedules and homeroom assignments. Please make sure your student checks their email account daily.

If you are unsure how all this Google Stuff works, or what Student Account Usernames and Passwords are please take a moment to review the Parent’s Guide to Google.

Also, a reminder that all students must log into homeroom every morning. Remote and hybrid students at home should report to homeroom virtually for attendance!

Thank you for your patience as we work out the technology kinks. We are learning as well! Tomorrow will be even better! Thanks for a great day! 

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