NMS Awarded SEL Grant

Nissitissit is proud to announce that we have been selected as a recipient of the SEL in Action Awards for Educators for the 2020-21 school year! This $7,000 grant will allow us to continue to educate all students and staff about different abilities, normalize supports, increase visibility of people with disabilities, reduce stigma, and create a more inclusive school community.

The following are the goals of this project:

1. To educate students and staff about different disabilities; to increase visibility and positive associations of different disabilities.

2. To normalize supports (requesting and accepting help and offering help to others) and create a positive learning environment for all students; to explore different supports (accommodations, strategies, flexible seating) and create regulation stations; to promote a growth mindset and foster a culture of resilience.

3. To promote self- and social awareness and actively engage students in reflection about how their commenting and actions impact each other and the school community; to promote empathy.

4. To actively engage students in identifying their individual and team values and in working together to improve our school climate; to facilitate activities that promote diversity and inclusion; to promote self-esteem, positive connections, and leadership development.

Kudos to Ms. Santiago, our amazing Social Worker, for all her efforts in applying for this opportunity.

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