Best Buddies Update

Thank you to everyone who joined our virtual hangout on Wednesday! It was a great way to stay connected and hear about how everyone is doing. We loved seeing your faces and hearing your voices! 
We’re holding another hangout next Wednesday, April 1 from 12-1. We’ll use this time to chat and can choose from a variety of activities- charades/pictionary, show and tell, talent show, dance party. You can come in and out of the chat as you’d like. 
Here are some tips for the chat:
Mute yourself until you are ready to speak. This will help to eliminate the background noise that we can hear. We’ll make sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak throughout the chat. 
You’ll be able to see the person who is speaking on your screen. If you want to see what others are doing, you can click on their icon picture to “pin” them and then they will appear on your screen. 
Next hangout:
Wednesday April 1

Also, please let Ms. Santiago know if you’d be interested in participating in a video tag game. Once she knows who is interested, she’ll assign you a person to “tag”. You’ll film a 10-15 second video clip (about how you’re doing, what you’ve been doing) and then say hello to your assigned person. 

For example: I may start and say “I’m having a really good morning so far. I played with my dog and listened to music. Ms. D- How have you been?” You can also say what you miss or like about the other person, or ask them a question. 
Then, Ms. D will make a video about how she’s been doing and she’ll say hello to Mrs. Norftill…and so on until everyone has been tagged. 
We’ll put all the videos together and send the whole video to everyone. If you’re interested in participating, let Ms. Santiago know! 

Click here to see the Best Buddies April Newsletter: Best Buddies Newsletter April 2020

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