Snow Predictions, Erosion and a Snowman from Mr. Noon

Mr. Noon made his family predict how much snow would fall between 3/23 and 3/24. Grudgingly, his participants gave him their predictions. Ends up they were all closer to the answer (5.5”) then his prediction of 8.5”, though he claims compression due to high moisture content in early morning snows. 

During a recent hike near the Squannacook River, Mr. Noon noticed that the inner part of this upstream turn in the river (sandy area seen above my left shoulder) had eroded significantly.  The second picture is the view downstream. The material that had eroded Upstream will travel downstream and deposit somewhere else.

Last week’s precipitation (snow) provided some fun for Mr. Noon. He built a Snowman from the 3” seen that day…..but WOW, what a difference a day of melting makes. 

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