Rockets and Propeller Fun!

Mr. Pineda’s class has been studying propellers and rockets to develop a deep understanding of Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.  Students assembled Estes Wizard Rockets and launched them on a clear, cold, windless January day. Using altitude meters, students were able to measure the apogee of each rocket.  Twenty-two student groups were successful at launching their rockets and earned an A+ for a test grade.  Congratulations to our phantastic physicists!

Here are the results:

AP, LE, CW:  213.6 m

EB:  371 m

TP, CL:  359.2 m

JK, CK: 195.8 m

BM, SG: 233.6 m

LG:  292. 6 m

AM: 412.3 m

LD, RL: 268.4 m

EL: 292.6 m

LY, MM, RM: 346.1 m

ST, JG: 335.7 m

AC, AVC, JF: 212.3 m

SH, JK, ML: 252 m

IC, TM: 327.2 m

JL, BH: 191.7 m

JC, JH: 447.6 m

BM, ZW, JP: 238.5 m

AF, AL: 460.9 m

CW, TR: 266.6 m

YC, CS: 360 m

QM, CM: 419 m

AI, NR: 345.3 m

JI, PM: 289 m

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