Best Buddies- Humane Society Visit

Before our winter break, Best Buddies collected food, treats, toys, beds, blankets and towels for animals at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. On Tuesday, two members of our Kindness Committee brought the donations to the shelter. They were given a tour of the shelter and were able to pet the animals and ask questions. It was important to them to do something nice for the animals in our community and it was special for them to be recognized for their efforts. Being able to bring in the donations and tour the facility has motivated them to continue to think about others and think of more projects they can do to help our community. Thank you to everyone who donated! The shelter is very appreciative! 

The Humane Society for Greater Nashua accepts donations throughout the year which you can leave with Ms. Santiago or bring directly to them. They have a donation shed to the right of their front door that is open 24/7. Currently, they are almost out of soda/can flat boxes that they use as litter boxes for their kitties. 

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