Winter Weather Reminders

Well, Mother Nature has decided to bring on winter! Please take a moment to review the following safety reminders.

  • Students should wear a coat to school each day. It doesn’t have to be a big ski jacket, a fleece will do. You never know when a bus may break down or if we will need to evacuate the school. Yes, jackets do fit inside our lockers!
  • It is imperative that walkers walk to and from school on the sidewalk. We will meet with walkers tomorrow afternoon to review the importance of staying on the sidewalk when snow banks are as high are they are right now. We will also remind students that snow stays on the ground, it is never to be thrown at people or cars. Please review these expectations if your child is a walker.
  • Parents who drop off in the morning or pick up in the afternoon, this one is for you. Please approach the school using Chace Avenue. However, when leaving school, please use Tucker (this is the street that runs parallel to Chace, next to Varnum Brook). The roads are narrow and the snow banks are high. Using one road in and the other out will ensure that buses can get in and out.

Let’s hope we don’t get another storm for awhile!

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