Reducing Food Waste & Cranberry Lab

5 Red Firecrackers geared up for Thanksgiving by brainstorming how to reduce food waste and experimenting with cranberries! 

Students would like to share a few tips with the NMS community about how to reduce food waste this holiday season. 

Tips for Reducing Food Waste:

  • Take smaller portions
  • Share food with friends and neighbors
  • Use smaller plates
  • Find creative ways to use leftovers
  • Invite guests to bring leftover containers with them
  • Save veggies scraps to make stock or broth
  • Compost organic materials

Experimenting with Cranberries

Students tested and made predictions with cranberries in anticipation of Thanksgiving. We predicted whether cranberries would sink or float, dissected the berries and drew conclusions about why cranberries, do in fact, float in water. Click on the link below to try out some of these experiments and more like them yourself!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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