Faculty Friday-8 Red

(From left) Mrs. Paris, Mr. Judkins, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Cullen

This week’s Faculty Friday spotlights the 8 Red Dream Team. Read on!

Mr. Cullen has been teaching in the district for 24 years. He was the technology specialist at Varnum Brook Middle School during his first five years. For the past 19 years, he has taught social studies covering the topics of world history, American history, and civics. Mr. Cullen, along with Mr. Wrobel, coordinate the trip to Washington DC that takes place in May every year. 

Mrs. Anderson has been teaching mathematics at NMS for the past 17 years. Mrs. Anderson continues to hold the position of Middle School Curriculum Coordinator for Mathematics and District Data Coordinator. 

Mr. Judkins came to Nissitissit Middle School in 2009 and left to go to NMRHS in 2011 – 2016.  When a position opened up on THE DREAM TEAM, Mr. Judkins was very excited to return to Nissitissit to teach science and engineering in grade 8.

Mrs. Paris teaches English Language Arts and is the newest member of the 8 Red Team. She joined the Nissitissit Middle School community in 2018. Previously, she taught English, Journalism, and Creative Writing at various grade levels for seven years in another district. Mrs. Paris is thrilled to be a part of the NMS faculty and the 8 Red Dream Team!

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