Nissitissit River Trip

Children in Mr. Pineda’s 7th-grade classes were able to take advantage of the dry conditions that have left water levels at the Nissitissit River very low.  Students walked to the river, carrying their muck boots and picnic lunches. Luckily, Mr. Pineda’s truck was at the Nissitissit River Wildlife Management Area waiting for them, filled with all kinds of nets and other equipment!  Everyone enjoyed the eighty-degree temperatures, warm water, sunshine, and early fall colors. Some of the animals we caught included many, many frogs of several species, helgrammites, stonefly larvae, crayfish, and whirligig beetles.  The frogs were released, and the invertebrates were taken back to class (along with 30 gallons of river water) to set up aquaria and allow further study.

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