A Message from the Superintendent

Due to recent issues at both North Middlesex Regional High School and Hawthorne Brook Middle School, I would like to remind all NM community members that pets are not allowed on any school district fields at any time for safety and sanitary reasons. We continue to encounter issues with pet owners who do not clean up after their pet and some who do leave the bag on the premises, whether it be on the ground, thrown into dugouts, or left hanging from the fence.  This puts additional and unnecessary responsibility on our outdoor maintenance department and creates sanitary and safety concerns for our students. Earlier this week, we had a resident on the new turf field with his dog who proceeded to go the bathroom on the synthetic turf before someone was able to speak to him. Having urine and/or feces on a playing field spreads disease and creates a slipping hazard. Students returning from recess frequently have to have dog feces removed from their shoes. In short, pets are not allowed on courts or ice hockey rinks, and a playing field is no different. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.

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