Prevent the Summer Slide!


Learning math is a lot like learning a sport; you have to practice to improve your skills. Students, especially teenagers, want a summer packed with fun, and typically academics aren’t on the list of to-dos for the summer break. However, there are things every student can do over the summer to strengthen retention (and yes, they can be fun) in order to prevent losing the days and days of hard work they’ve already put into math during the past school years.


This is not a requirement, but rather a valuable opportunity to keep your child’s math skills honed throughout the summer. We highly recommend that your child work on one of the math websites listed below at least once a week in July, and at least twice a week in August.  A routine of a dedicated time or times each week would work best. This will prepare them for a great start to the school year!


Free Summer Math Programs Online



General Math Activities



Math Apps



Rainy Day Board Games that Math Teachers LOVE and you might already have!!


  • Monopoly (be the banker)                   Battleship
  • Life                                        Quirkle
  • Payday                                          Blokus
  • Sequence                            Yahtzee
  • Clue                                        Deal or No Deal?
  • Othello Cribbage



Congratulations on the completion of another school year! As we roll into the summer months, many students want a break from all academics. However, summer provides a wonderful opportunity for students and families to enjoy great books together. Summer reading provides opportunities for students to choose books they will truly enjoy, thus fostering a love of reading.  Summer reading not only promotes a deep appreciation of literature, but also strengthens vocabulary, increases fluency, and improves comprehension. Without this supplemental summer reading, many students will enter the following year with neglected critical thinking and reading skills.


Although summer reading is optional, it is highly recommended. Students should choose books that fit their own interests and address their specific reading levels. It is suggested that students read at least three books this summer. This goal is easily attainable if students read for approximately twenty to thirty minutes per day. With ample time to read this summer, students will be able to start off the new school year on the fast path to success!


Below we have provided a variety of resources for students in grades five through eight, ranging from games and current event stories to help in selecting engaging novels. Best wishes for an enjoyable summer!


Happy Reading!



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