A Fond Farewell to Mrs. Friend

As we prepare for the final week of school, I want to recognize our School Nurse, Mrs. Friend, who will be retiring on Friday. Mrs. Friend has been the School Nurse at Varnum Brook and then Nissitissit for the last 26 years. She has also served as the Nurse Coordinator for the district.

Unless you have worked in a school, you cannot imagine a day in the life of Mrs. Friend. Not only does she attend to all the medical emergencies and health related concerns, but she comforts students who are having a tough day, she calms anxious students before a test and feeds many hungry adolescents who arrive to school without food or snacks. At Mrs. Friend’s retirement celebration last week, Mrs. Gleason spoke about how not only has Mrs. Friend impacted thousands of students’ lives over the years, but she has also helped hundreds of teachers, staff, and community members as well. Mrs. Friend has been active in many community sponsored organizations such as DARE Santa and PACH. These connections to the community have only strengthened Mrs. Friend’s role at NMS.

Please join me in extending congratulations and best wishes to Mrs. Friend. We hope she enjoys spending more time with her family, friends, and loved ones in addition to having more time to travel. We thank you, Mrs. Friend, for your kindness and generosity that has positively impacted thousands of children and countless families and colleagues.

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  1. A great big thank you to Mrs. Friend. You have taken care of my children for many years and I always knew they were in safe hands. Now it’s time to take care of you! Enjoy, relax and have fun.


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