Jr. Vikings Summer Experience


Nashoba Technical High School is offering a summer experience for any student in grades 6-9!

THIS is what each day of a Summer Experience is like!
7:45 am Drop-off
8:00 – 10:00 am First Selection
10:00 – 10:30 am Snack (Bring your own, please)
10:30 – 12:30 pm Second Selection



ANIMAL CARE: Help students to understand basic animal care. Focus
on domestic animal care: What makes various pets comfortable, happy,
and healthy? Nutrition and safety. Understand how to care for animals
when injured, when to call a vet, and how to better care for pets.Touch on
Wildlife: When to ‘assist’ in the wild world; who can help with rehabilitation, what to do when you see an animal in distress.

AUTOMOTIVE BASICS: Understand the basics of how an engine
works. Change the oil. Rotate/change the tires. Move on to body work and
learn what a full interior and exterior detail entails. Hard toed shoes and
long pants required for safety.

BETTER BABYSITTING: Learn to sooth a terrified two-year old
whose mommy just left. Fill a summer afternoon with fun – and SAFE –
play for little ones…and earn a certificate that will make you the most
sought after baby sitter in the neighborhood!

BIOTECH & OUR ENVIRONMENT: “How do plants get their
color? Why are blossoms different colors than leaves? Can we use biotechnology to help clean up pollution? Are all bacteria dangerous or are some useful? Biotechnology is the application of the processes of living things
to solve problems. Use biotechnology lab techniques to learn more about
our environment… Locate plants outside to analyze pigments that give
them their color. Isolate bacteria from the environment used to clean up
oil spills. Use lab microscopes to examine invertebrates like insects from
outside. Learn how common kinds of bacteria can help us make food like
sour pickles, spicy kimchi or creamy yogurt!

COSMETOLOGY: Learn the life-long skills for beautiful hair, healthy
skin and strong nails. A fruity-facial, Taylor Swift-like twirls or bold brightly
patterned nails – it is all here for you to learn! Bring a friend so you can
practice with each other!

CULINARY BASICS: The Life of a Professional Chef is Fun, Fast and
Fascinating! Learn to safely and effectively use kitchen utensils, follow
recipes and the importance of measurements. This educational (and tasty)
program will have you impressing family and friends. Emphasis on savory

CAKE/CUPCAKE DECORATING: Make Creative Cakes and
Show-Stopper cupcakes shine with professional techniques and tricks of
the trade. This one fills fast! Sign up early!

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Composition + Exposure = a Great
Picture. Learn how to take your photos from ‘just OK’ to fabulous. Bring
your own Digital (DSLR, iPhone, iPad other digital) camera and an 8 MB
flash drive to store your work.

ELECTRICAL: Don’t pull the plug on your junior viking summer experience until you spend a week in Electrical. You will have a shockingly fun
time learning about electricity, wiring high voltage circuits, and operating
power tools. Wire you waiting? Sign up now! *Closed toed shoes required
for safety.”

FIT & FUN: Take a break and get moving! Exercise enhances your life
in so many ways…With games and activities for everyone, have FUN while
learning how to take care of your body and getting FIT. Sneakers/athletic
shoes required for safety.

ROBOTICS: Use the latest Lego Mindstorm NXT software and Technic
building pieces to build and program robots. Take on real world design
challenges while learning science and engineering concepts from gear ratios to infrared sensors. The session introduces students to the engineering
design process as they build and program with standard LEGO bricks and a
programmable LEGO brick. Their projects will help them gain exposure to
hands-on, open-ended design projects.

WEB GRAPHICS & DESIGN: Use Adobe Dreamweaver and
Photoshop to learn the basics of web design. Create your own personal
web page dedicated to your favorite subjects, sports or hobbies. This one is

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