Student Spotlight!

We love to shine the spotlight on the accomplishments and successes of our students. Today’s post shows the selfless generosity of one of our students, Brooke.
In lieu of gifts for her 13th birthday, Brooke Burris asked her guests to donate items so she could put together care bags for foster children. All items were new with tags still on. With the help of Best Buddies and other friends invited to her ‘Skate & Cake’ party, she collected enough items and bags to make 21 care bags! There were even three bags left over containing extra supplies. Each completed bag contains toiletries (toothbrush/paste, soap, deodorant, large comb/brush, personal items for girls), outfits or pajama,; underwear, a book, deck of cards, stuffed animal, pillow, or blanket. Twenty-one children, ranging in ages from 3 years old to teens, will receive new items donated by many people who care. Brooke, along with her mom and brother, delivered these care bags to the Department of Children and Family in Chelmsford. They were very appreciative to receive everything.


  1. Brooke is our granddaughter and we could not possibly be any prouder of the young lady she is growing up to be. She is a kind hearted soul upon this earth.


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