Operation Gratitude Update

After Halloween, we collected candy to send to the troops.  Many students wrote letters to be included with the candy. The letters were sent to troops, new recruits, veterans, and first responders.  Students wrote a little about themselves and what their interest were. They could also draw pictures if they couldn’t find the right words. We provided our school’s address as contact information in the event that any service men or woman wanted to respond. We received a letter from Corporal Sanders, Christian this week.  We are in the process of collecting more letters or pictures to send out. Not everyone will receive response but it is great to know that our students have sent some smiles to those who are protecting us.

Thank you to all those who contributed candy and letters!


Dear (Student),
I have received your letter from Operation Gratitude. My name is Christian. When I was in the 5th grade my middle school was Hillcrest Elementary School. Also, I wanted to tell you happy birthday. I know it is no longer your birthday, however I hope you had a good one. I’ve never played hockey or dance. I’m sure you are good at both. I was a swimmer, like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. I liked your joke about the Teddy Bear being stuffed, it was really funny. To answer your question about my job, I am a Field Radio Operator. That means I am in charge of making sure people can talk to each other from really far away. I’ll tell you about some of our other Marines jobs as well. We have Marines that drive big trucks, like the High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle, you may have heard it called a Humvee. Other jobs around here are Security Forces. They are like the cops and their job is to guard the base. We also have Fuelers. Their job is to make sure every vehicle has gas. Lastly, we have Combat Engineers. They can build any type of structure that we need and are also really good at demolitions. For that, they will use explosives like C4. Being in the military is a fun job and is something I love to do. What do you want to do when you get older? Just remember, college isn’t your only option in life. You can go to trade schools to learn specific skills, like electricians and plumbers. You could also join the military if that is something that interests you. Always be thinking about your future and chase after whatever you love to do. The only person stopping you from achieving anything in life, is yourself.
Corporal Sanders, Christian
The picture below is our Christmas in Iraq. I’m on the far left.

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