Best Buddies Ice Skating

Over February break, Best Buddies members stayed connected by participating in a family ice-skating event. Members demonstrated NMS’s GREAT values by trying something new, having a positive attitude, and giving their best effort. It was wonderful to see some of our first-time skaters gain confidence on the ice and some of our more experienced skaters offering words of encouragement!  Members and their families were joined by the following staff: Ms. Santiago, Mrs. Norftill, Ms. Girard, Ms. Berry, Ms. Frey, Mrs. Larochelle and Ms. Thomas.

 Special thanks to 8th grader Nick U for suggesting this trip! This was his first time ice-skating and his excitement and determination was impressive!

 If you’d like more information about Best Buddies here at Nissitissit, please reach out to Ms. Santiago or Mrs. Nortfill. Through chapter meetings and family events, we spread the message of kindness, positivity and inclusion. Membership applications can be completed online at









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