First Ski Day Friday!

Dear Skiers and Snowboarders,

This Friday is finally our first ski day!

The weather is finally cooperating and it should be a beautiful winter evening, mostly sunny and temperatures around 30 degrees. For an updated snow report and other mountain information see the Wachusett website:

Please let me know if you will not be able to attend, it helps me with attendance. If so, you will receive a $20, 2017-2018 season coupon good toward a lift ticket, rentals, or lessons. When you would like to redeem your absentee coupon, go to Customer Service or the Group Sales Counter. These coupons are transferable (you can give them to someone else.)

Ski Day Schedule:

Friday morning: Drop off equipment at the school before school starts

– Ski Storage at Nissitissit Middle School:

Ski equipment should be dropped off each Friday morning between 7:30am and 8:00am.  Bring your equipment to the gym parking lot on the left side of the school and your equipment will be stored in the ski storage room next to the Health room.  Do not go in the front entrance with your equipment.

When school is dismissed students get their equipment from storage and board the buses. The buses will be ready to load at Nissitissit when the students are dismissed.  The High School bus will arrive at NMRHS around 2:35 pm.

I have the Student Lift Badges and they will be handed out on the bus.  If you have a Season Pass, please make sure you bring it with you.  If you haven’t picked up your season pass yet this year, you can meet me at the chaperone table as soon as we get to Wachusett and come with me to Group Sales & Customer Service to pick it up.

Note a park pass ($5) is needed to use the larger terrain park on Hitchcock trail. To get a park pass, a parent needs to sign a waiver – see:

At Wachusett:

When the buses arrive at Wachusett you need to take everything you need for skiing for the night.  The busses park in a distant lot and will not be accessible while we are skiing.  You can leave your school backpacks on the bus but make sure you bring all your ski equipment and food/dinner money.

If you are getting rentals, please follow the chaperone from the bus to the rental area. This first night may be a little slow as the rental staff sizes equipment for each student but they will note the equipment size and next time will be much faster.

Use the Ski Check and secure you belongings! Ski Check is free and easy to use, it’s located in the back of the lodge and across from the Minuteman Express lift. Also, Do Not leave any bags under the picnic tables outside. Bags are stolen more often than equipment and bags left outside are easy targets. If you don’t want to use a locker, you can put your bag under the Chaperone table.

Chaperone Table

The chaperone table will be located in the Granite Room in the lodge near the fireplace, same as last year. Look for the “Pepperell” sign. There will always be a few chaperones available in case you need some help or have a question.  The chaperones do not lead groups around the mountain so you must be responsible for yourself and ask for help when necessary.


Ski/snowboard lessons begin at 5pm.  Please meet at the chaperone table at 4:45pm and a chaperone will walk you over to the lesson meeting area.  This will insure you arrive on time and will also be in a class with your friends.

End of the Night

Parents picking up their children at Wachusett MUST send me an email or give me a note by Friday morning. Then, when you arrive at Wachusett, you MUST stop by the Chaperone table anytime before 7:30 pm to let us know you have arrived to pick up your child.  I cannot leave a child at Wachusett without a parent present (we are very serious about making sure no one is left behind). Please don’t put me in a tough spot when the student says “…but my parents said they’ll be here later, really.”

If a friend is picking up your child or if your child is going home with someone else’s parents I need an email from the parent to give permission to go home with the other person.

Please put your name and “Pepperell” on your equipment, helmet, goggles, gloves and other items. Many items are left in the lodge at the end of the night and I don’t have any way to know if they belong to someone from Pepperell without a name.

All buses return to Nissitissit Middle School between 8:50pm and 9 pm. We will be waiting out in the cold so please be on time.

Let me know if you have any questions or check out the Ski Program website:

See you Friday!

Jim Pantano

Coordinator, Pepperell Ski Program

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