Ski Program starts Friday!

The Pepperell Ski Program is set to begin this Friday, January 5. A decision will be made by Thursday as to whether this Friday will be cancelled due to cold weather and wind. Registered skiiers/boarders will be notified by Mr. Pantano by email.  Registered students will ski or snowboard at Wachusett Mountain on Friday nights from January 5- February 9. February 16 has been set aside as a make up day, if needed. Students will board buses around 2:15 at NMS. The buses will return to NMS at 9:00 p.m. for student pick up.

Ski and Snowboard Drop Off: 

On Ski Program days, students should be driven to school with their skis, snowboards, and ski bag. Ski drop off is from 7:30-8:00 on Friday mornings.  Parents should pull around to the left side of the building and park in the side parking lot. This is the entrance we use for band lessons and basketball games. We have a team of students who will take the ski equipment from cars to store in our “ski closet.” Please be on time for equipment drop off.  The “ski closet” is locked at 8:00 and remains secure until it is time for the kids to leave for the ski trip.


Clothing Tips:
Skiing and riding is a cold weather sport. You ski and ride outdoors in the winter weather. The first step in becoming a skier or rider is not how to learn put on your equipment but how to dress for winter. Students should be outfitted for New England weather so that their experiences are positive.
Staying warm, especially on extra cold days requires forethought. If you choose your clothing carefully, you can keep warm despite cold weather. Whether they are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, the below information will help anyone remember “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”
  • Layering is the best way to keep warm. In addition to keeping you warm, layering makes it easier to avoid becoming overheated. You can simply remove layers if you’ve bundled up too much.
  • Wear a base layer of long underwear (Avoid pure cotton, linen, or other similar materials, however, because these fabrics retain moisture and will chill you). Traditional thermal undergarments work well for the first layer. An alternative to traditional thermals is silk. Silk is very warm and feels wonderful against bare skin. Silk is not very rugged, though, and won’t last as long as traditional thermal underwear.
  • Layer a warm collared shirt, sweater or fleece over the top of the first layer. If you have a coat with a hood, avoid sweatshirts with hoods attached, as this can cause too much bulk beneath the layers.
  • Water and wind resistant pants. Snow or ski pants work best.
  • Avoid sweat pants, they get wet very quickly! Be sure your pants are wide enough at the bottom of the legs to fit over large boots.
  • Jacket or shell with a high collar, once again water and wind resistant is best.
  • High socks and only one pair of socks worn at a time. Bring a couple of extra pairs of socks – the higher, the better. Avoid socks with big, thick seams.
  • Use accessories. Wear waterproof gloves or mittens. Gloves allow more freedom of movement, but mittens are warmer. Avoid knit gloves, they get wet very quickly. Add a neck warmer. Protect your face.  Wear ski goggles that work at night or during the day, and add a ski mask to cover the rest of your face.  There are also specially made head covers that fit well under helmets that give extra warmth for the head, ears and neck.
  • Warm hat that covers your ears. The old saying “If your feet are cold, put on a hat” is true! Hats can easily be removed and replaced with a helmet when on the hill.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm, SPF-15 or greater. Even on cloudy days it is very easy to get too much sun when on the snow.
  • Eye protection. Either goggles or sunglasses. Goggles with clear lenses are recommended for night skiing/riding.
  • Use heat packs. You can buy heat packs at the Finish Line Ski and Board Shop, Valley Lodge or Main Lodge. You can also pick up heat packs at any sporting goods or department store.

Please be sure to label everything with your name!!!



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