Destination Imagination

Looking for an after school activity for your child? Check out Destination Imagination!

Destination Imagination TM is an extra-curricular, non-profit, volunteer-driven, child-centered program. Its focus is on creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. Destination Imagination TM is open to all children from kindergarten to the twelfth grade. This international program creates seven challenges per year in areas of technical innovation, science, structural design, improvisation, fine arts, community service and early childhood. These challenges are open ended, empowering participants to create solutions that are imaginative, original, divergent, and ingenious! Students work together in teams of up to seven people per team. Team members select a challenge, develop a solution, create, build, make costumes – what ever is necessary to meet their solution, and then present performance of their solution to other DI teams at Regional tournament.

This is child-centered program. Team members only create all solutions, props, designs, and deal with time management, artistry, technical elements, etc. Team managers (parents and other adults) provide a safe environment for the team to explore and generate their solution. This is a “hands off” for adults “hands on” for kids.

DI runs from October to March (regional tournament). Teams meet weekly or as often as needed, with a full day commitment on tournament day.

For more information visit:

If you have any questions contact Joanne Ellison-Taylor at (  Mrs. Ellison-Taylor will also be available in the lobby during our Open House on October 5.

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