Lunch Info!

Lunch is an important part of a middle schooler’s day. Below you will find important information regarding our meal program.

Breakfast costs $1.35 and is served from 7:30-8:00 in the cafeteria. Lunch is $3.00

NMS Lunch Times:

Grade 5 10:50-11:20

Grade 6 11:22-11:52

Grade 7 11:54-12:24

Grade 8 12:24-12:56



Lunch & Breakfast Menus:

Free and Reduced Application:

As a reminder, students who owe money should not purchase snacks until their balance is paid.

The North Middlesex Regional School District School Committee recognizes that a healthy, nutritious
meal plays an important role in the readiness and ability of students to learn. The purpose of this policy is
to establish consistency regarding meal account procedures while ensuring that all students are treated
with dignity.  Although the school food program is managed by an outside company, any debt associated with this
program is owed to the school district. Deficits in the program must be covered by the general school

Methods of Payment
The North Middlesex Regional School District can accept payment for meals upon purchase in the form
of cash or check at the register, or via the school meal on-line payment system. Meals may be prepaid
using any of these methods. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to make payments on-line and to
register for low balance alerts.
A minimum balance equivalent to five (5) school meals is recommended for those who participate in the
food service program.
A parent/guardian may request that any of the following restrictions may be placed on their student’s
1. No a la carte purchases.
2. No negative charges allowed.
3. An established monetary limit of a la carte purchases by meal.

Administration of Policy
The school district is responsible for ensuring that all accounts, including the food service revolving
account, are properly managed and accurately reported. The school district works closely with the Food
Service Management Company to monitor students’ meal accounts with the goal of eliminating negative
balances. Parents/guardians who have signed up on-line for low balance alerts are notified when the
account is running low and needs to be replenished. The purchase of an la carte item may not result in a
negative balance. All cash purchase will be honored.
Account Management
On a weekly basis, the Food Service Director will generate a charge balance report from the Point of Sale
(POS) system. The Director will flag all accounts that are nearing a zero balance or have gone into the
negative. A student list, sorted by school, will be sent to the principals.
After a student account reaches a negative balance, the principal, assistant principal, or guidance
counselor will attempt to contact the parent/guardian by phone, email, or a letter sent home. The purpose
of the contact is to inform the parent/ guardian of the negative balance and to offer assistance if needed.
The principal, assistant principal, or guidance counselor may offer to help fill out a free/reduced lunch
application, refer the parent/guardian to the business office for a payment plan, or provide other assistance
as deemed appropriate. The principal, assistant principal, or guidance counselor shall follow up on any
unresolved accounts.
Should the parent/guardian not be responsive to the contact and continues to fail to bring the account back
into good standing within 1 month (or before May 1st in the year of graduation), the principal may remove
the student from participation in the food service program. Once removed from the program, if the student
is not being provided lunch from home, the principal will notify the superintendent and may call in
appropriate state agencies.
If the balance exceeds fifty dollars ($50.00), the following action may be taken (unless prohibited by state
law or regulation):
 Prohibited participation of the student in any future fee-based program (field trips, user-fee based
programs, etc.) until or unless outstanding balances are resolved.
For students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, accounts will be processed in accordance with federal
A positive balance will remain on account to be used in the following school year unless the account
holder requests that the positive balance be moved to a sibling’s account or returned to account holder.
When the student leaves the district, the business office will notify the account holder of their end-of-year
balance and all reasonable efforts will be made by the district to return the money to the account holder.
Child Nutrition Action of 1966

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