Supply Lists

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but you can’t walk into a store without noticing the “Back to School” displays! Rainy days like today are great for a little back to school shopping! Below are supply lists for the upcoming school year. Please purchase these supplies for your student so that they are prepared for the upcoming school year. Grab your supplies, but please enjoy these summer days! Don’t forget to send me your Summer Selfie reading picture!


Supply Lists by Grade Level:

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade



Staff Selfies!

Mrs. Gath is reading on the veranda while in St. John, US Virgin Islands! Lucky duck!

Our Kindness Queen, Mrs. Thomas is reading on a plane headed to Nashville.






Mr. Cullen is down in Cape Cod reading on his deck. He just finished 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult and is on to his next book.

Mr. Savard is preparing to be a dad for the first time! If only infants came with instruction manuals!

Summer Book Swap

The annual fifth grade summer book swap was held just prior to the last day of school.  Over 1,100 books were collected in a month!  Students were able to chose at least 7 books to take home for summer reading.  Thank you to the PTSG for donating  Barnes & Noble gift certificates for the raffle.  Thank you to Mrs. Cunha for organizing this great event. Happy summer reading!​