Finger Spinners

Many students are bringing fidget type toys to school. It seems that they are being sold and marketed as a tool to help students.  Spinners are highly distracting to students and those around them. There is no doubt that for some students, (very few) a type of school approved fidget is a good idea on some occasions.  The majority of students do not need the distraction.  Students should not bring spinners to school. Thank you.

Amphibians and Mud!

The study of amphibians in science class was enhanced by perfect weather….namely, rain, drizzle, and cool temperatures.

Our vernal pool was found to have more egg masses of Spotted Salamanders and Wood Frogs than ever before!  Some of the Wood Frog tadpoles are being used in the classroom to study embryology and metamorphosis.
Further fieldwork turned up both color phases of the Red-backed Salamander…and more Two-lined Salamanders in Varnum Brook (the brook itself) than we have previously recorded either.  Both of these salamanders belong to an unusual salamander family, the Plethodontidae, that is lungless and whose eggs undergo metamorphosis right in the egg, skipping the tadpole phase!  No need to travel to the tropics to study this cool kind of biology….it’s right on our campus!
Nevertheless, students may agree that the highlight of their fieldwork was watching Mr. Pineda fall into the mud!

Special Olympics Send Off!

Dear NMS families,

We are writing to inform you of an amazing opportunity for your student to show school spirit as well as participate in a community event to support their peers. We are proud to announce that on April 28, nineteen amazing special education students will represent our school by participating in the Special Olympics School Day Games at Fitchburg State University! This is not only a wonderful accomplishment for them, but also something that they greatly look forward to all year.

We will be hosting our second annual Special Olympics Send-off on April 28 to encourage the team, show them that the whole school is behind them, and wish them luck with their big day! Last year’s Send-off was a huge hit with both the athletes and the students/faculty, and we are hoping to have an even bigger turnout this year. The Send-off is a surprise event for the athletes, and takes place before school at 7:15am in the NMS lobby. Students can be dropped off early for the event, and then stay for the school day. We know that this is early for all of us, which makes the athletes feel even more special to have your support!

Feel free to bring pom poms, posters, and more to cheer on the athletes as they walk down the “red carpet.” Also, don’t forget your NMS Spirit wear and/or red and white apparel. (We will also have first come, first serve Dunkin Donuts munchkins available for breakfast!)

We hope that this will be a fun, school-spirit fostering, and enjoyable event for all attendees. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you there,

The NMS Student Council


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