After School Exploratories at Nashoba Tech for grades 7 & 8

Jr Vikings Mini Exp

Well, NOW is your chance….Nashoba Valley Technical High School will be hosting a “Free” 4-week afterschool Mini-Exploratory ProgramYour child will experience  several different career pathways and complete hands-on projects—all Free of charge!


*will be offered pending enrollment

*if offered, transportation will be as follows


Nashoba Valley Technical High School bus/van pick-up (1 vehicle makes all 3 stops)

  • @Ayer Shirley MS (Shirley)—2:15PM front entrance
  • @Hawthorne Brook MS (Townsend)—2:35PM back of building
  • @Nissitissit MS (Pepperell)—2:50PM front of building

Nashoba Valley Technical High School bus/van pick-up (1 bus makes all 3 stops)

  • @Groton-Dunstable Regional MS (Groton)—2:40PM North Building front
  • @Littleton MS (Littleton)—3:00PM front circle
  • @Roudenbush—Westford Center (all Westford Students)—3:15PM front

Nashoba Valley Technical High School bus/van pick-up (1 vehicle makes both stops)

  • @Parker MS (Chelmsford)—2:50PM front entrance
  • @McCarthy MS (Chelmsford)—3:00PM front of building

**Parent/Guardian pick-up at 5:30PM Performing Arts Auditorium Entrance

For more information, please call 978.692.4711 x1123.  We look forward to offering your child the wonderful opportunities available in technical education.


Check out what’s happening at our high school!

September 26, 2016
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NM Knows

Minute to Win It

Students taking ‘Writing for College and Careers’ with Mrs. Chappell this semester completed their first assignment this week, but writing was not the primary focus! This class aims to teach students how to present themselves in a professional manner, in college and the workplace. Being a strong writer plays a critical role in professional presentation, but so does having conversations, particularly when you are seeking support or advice.

Students practiced having professional conversations by completing a self-introduction assignment, where they tested their networking skills with a staff member. The goal was for students to introduce themselves and their skills as part of a unit on networking and making contacts. They had one minute or less to make a connection or get the information they needed. Students had to have a goal in mind, like asking for information about internships, or help selecting a club or organization to join. Mrs. Chappell reminded students that they might not get the answers or help they need from the first adult they approach, adding that “Learning to accept a “no” is also a valuable learning experience.”

Get to Know the Math Department

As they introduce themselves to a new year here at North Middlesex, we introduce them to you…
Mr. Pancoast
Mr. Pancoast previously taught at NM for 9 years and  is returning to continue his 15th year. He competed in Division 1 track and cross country and now does ballroom dancing.  If he could have any super power it would be super strength.
    Upcoming College Visits
Monday, September 26th:
9:45– Johnson and Wales
Tuesday September 27th:
7:30– University of Connecticut
8:00 Assumption College
9:15 Southern New Hampshire University
Wednesday September 28th:
12:00 Champlain College
1:00 Wheaton College
1:30 Sacred Heart University
Thursday September 29th:
8:00 Univ. of Southern Maine
9:15 Mass College of Liberal Arts
1:30 Sacred Heart University
Friday September 30th:
8:00 Suffolk University
Mrs. Hillman
Mrs. Hillman started her 6th year of teaching at NM, she teaches math and business to all grade levels. She was a baton twirler for over 20 years and loves watching NCIS with a bowl of chocolate ice cream. She does not believe in aliens.
Students and staff place Post-it notes around the school to show their appreciation for each other
Service Learning Spotlight of the Week: The Garden 
Donating their time to donate food, the NM Garden sends over 1,000 pounds of hand grown produce to the local PACH organization every year. During the course of growing season, students say that the calm environment and routine of growing and harvesting vegetables soothes them and gives them a break from the stress of the day. The Garden has ten members, including six coordinators who are also involved in other various service groups around the school.

Auditions for the School Play


The fall play is here! Students will be performing the play, Crazy Town. It is a funny news show about a wacky town. The play includes an elementary school debate about tater tots, a weather machine that predicts the weather with 100% accuracy (sometimes), and a whole cast of wacky characters. Rehearsals will go through October and November. The play production will be held December 1 and 2. Students must have a signed permission slip in order to audition. Auditions will be held on September 28, 29, and October 3 after school from 2:45 – 4:00. Students can sign up in the lobby on the auditorium doors. Each student must choose a short monologue from the play for their audition. Memorization is preferred, but not required. The rehearsals will start as every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:45-3:45, but will become more frequent as the play gets closer. Below are all the dates for rehearsals and productions. 

Play Auditions

Sept 28, 29, October 3

October rehearsals: 2:45- 3:45

October 5, 6, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 24, 26, 31   

 November rehearsals 2:45 to 3:45

November 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 28, 29, 30

Plays Performance Dates

Rehearsal and afternoon dress rehearsal: November 30

Rehearsal and evening performance:  December 1

Rehearsal and evening performance: December 2

Scholar’s Brunch

On Friday, we celebrated students who earned high honors for the last trimester of last year at our Scholar’s Brunch. Our PTSG provided a delicious buffet for students to enjoy. We encourage all student to work hard this trimester, so they can join next time. Congratulations, students and thank you, PTSG!