Mural for Pepperell Senior Center

On June 8, NMS Art Teacher, Mrs. Gosselin and eighth grade students from the Mural Team visited the Pepperell Senior Center. Together, they presented the Senior Center with a beautiful mural. The mural is in four parts, each representing a season and will be hung in the main dining room.  Our talented group of students designed and painted this mural during the course of the school year.  After the presentation of the mural, Mrs. Gosselin and students were treated to lunch with 82 senior citizens. Susan McCarthy, Director of the Council on Aging (pictured with the students and Mrs. Gosselin below) was thrilled with the outcome.  Susan and the NMS administration are currently brainstorming new ideas that will bring the two groups together. Congratulations to Mrs. Gosselin and the Mural Team for their beautiful artwork. Also, thank you to the Pepperell Council on Aging for the delicious lunch and good company!


20160608_123324 (1)

20160608_123404 20160608_123256 20160608_123218 20160608_123017

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