Nissitissit River

The Nissitissit River is well known for its purity and overall health which contribute to it being a haven for trout and several endangered species of clam.  To further improve its quality, the dam at Hollis Street was removed last fall.

In coordination with the town Conservation Commission, NMS students in Mr. Pineda’s 7th and 8thgrade classes have begun doing fieldwork at the Wildlife Management Area right at the site where the dam was removed.  With river nets, D-nets, and minnow traps, and a heaping dose of enthusiasm, students began their studies last week.  They caught three huge water snakes, hundreds of minnows, frogs, crayfish, and many clams.  Some children even found century-old antique bottles and potsherds.
Since this is a site close enough to walk to (and enjoy a picnic lunch!), this is sure to become an NMS tradition!🐍🐸🐟

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