Locker Buddies on Sale Now!


An Announcement from Mrs. Larochelle and our Health Club:

Multiple Sclerosis (or MS) is a disease that disables the flow of nerves to the brain making it easy to have a limp in your leg. This also disrupts  the nerves between your brain  and your body.  MS cannot be medically diagnosed until it has effected at least two parts of your body and caring for MS never ends.  You will continue to care for your MS because there is no cure. MS affects more than 2.3 million people around the world and can be passed through genetics,  but MS is not contagious.  About 100,000 people are diagnosed with MS each year.  MS is not common in young children.  A program for Multiple Sclerosis  started on March 11, 1946 and is more common in areas away from the equator.

Symptoms include loss of appetite, walking difficulty, and numbness or tingling of the leg.  The symptoms usually don’t stay the same throughout the experience.  Because they don’t stay the same throughout the experience, no two people have the same symptoms.  Your symptoms can change very quickly and often that is what happens.  Most symptoms can be managed very easily with the right type of medicine or rehabilitation.  Other symptoms include vision problems, dizziness, pain,and/or depression.

This month to gather money to send to the MS society, the Health Club is selling magnetic locker buddies. They are $2 and all the profits go to the MS Society.  They make great gifts too!!



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