Amazing Art

Have you checked out Mrs. Gosselin’s blog spotlighting all of the beautiful artwork our students have been doing? It is truly an outstanding blog! Check it out at:

Here is quick snapshot:

Calavera Foam Prints- Grade 7

November 1 was  El Dia De Los Muertos which is otherwise known as The Day of the Dead.  This is a very important holiday in Mexico in which families remember loved ones.  During this celebration, people create altars which display food, flowers, candy, photographs and art.  Of the pieces of art displayed are colorful calaveras or skulls.  Students looked at a variety of skulls and designed their own.  When finished they engraved their design onto printing foam.  Students are currently in the process of printing 3 prints.  Each print has a different color ink and a different color paper.





Monochromatic Tree Paintings- Grade 5

Students in the 5th Grade are learning to mix tints, tones and shades.  They are using this knowledge to paint a monochromatic (one color) tree painting.  Using overlapping layers of tints, tones, and shades helps to create depth in their landscapes.

Ugly Dolls- Grade 6

I am very pleased with the work the 6th grade has been doing on their Ugly Dolls.  This lesson has been better than I ever expected and the kids are getting so much out of it.  I am so proud of my students!

Completed Fall Still Life- Grade 8

The 8th grade has completed some amazing work.




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