Authors of the Month

author of the month

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as November’s Authors of the Month!

Rocco Lamonica,  Personal Narrative: “Go -Karting”

Jessica Revis, Personal Narrative: “Dragonfly Day”

Breymond Robinson, Personal Narrative: “First Ski Class”

Amber Epstein, Personal Narrative: “Dancing with Asthma”

Sydney Vangilder, Personal Narrative: “ Xtreme Frisbee”

Duff Crochiere, Bravery Project: “Pearl Harbor”

Caroline Cournoyer, Suspense and Mood Open Response: “Tell -Tale Heart”

Olivia Ting, Book Review: “Things Are Not Always How They Appear”


A sampling of what good writers do:

Sydney developed a question lead in her personal narrative about xtreme frisbee that hooks the reader and makes you want to read more. “The anxiety rushed through me. Should I go on it? Should I skip? These thoughts flooded my mind like a hurricane just hitting the coast. Eventually I gained the courage to stay in line and ride the taunting Xtreme Frisbee”.

Also, read an excerpt from Jessica’s narrative as she included precise details and figurative language that allow the reader to picture the setting. “After running in the sprinkler for five minutes to cool down, there was a clink, and a clunk, a slam, and footsteps crunching on the dying, dehydrated grass. My dad was home, and the old suburban was parked in front of the garage”.





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