Guest Chef Visits NMS

As part of the 6th grade nutrition unit, students were treated to a fantastic demonstration by Chef Michael Dussault.  An award winning progressive Executive Chef with more than two decades of career experience, Michael Dussault is recognized as a food service leader across New England. A celebrated culinary innovator known for his passion in producing top quality products, his unique blend of creative flair, culinary skills and passion for food and life. 

Dussault’s passion started at a very young age as he worked up through the ranks of the kitchen brigade where he started washing dishes at the age of 13 at Rivier University in his hometown of Nashua, NH. This is where his passion and attention to detail was sparked as he progressed and honed his knife and food preparation skills.

Chef Michael built his reputation at several established restaurants around New Hampshire working as a dishwasher, line cook, saucier, sous chef and executive chef. After working as a line chef in such places as New Hampshire’s award winning Italian restaurant Villa Banca, Executive Chef of Giorgios, Coyote Cafe, and the prestigious Nashua Country Club where his supervision of a large culinary team began and gained a multitude of experience in a high volume fine dining setting as a chef tournant. In 2000, Chef Michael was given the opportunity to serve as Expedition Chef in the renowned award winning restaurant C.R Sparks in Manchester N.H where he further expanded not only his culinary knowledge and skills but expanded and constantly challenged his passion and culinary skills. Most recently, Chef Michael was featured on the television show, Hell’s Kitchen

Chef Michael showed us how to cut and use many unique fruits and vegetables, as well as the different types of knives. Students were able to touch, smell, and hold many fruits and vegetable they had never seen before such as horned melon,  cactus, lemongrass, and Buddha’s hand.  He showed us that with passion and determination you can do what you love as long as you continue trying and never give up. Our students were captivated by the presentation. A special thanks to Mrs. Larochelle and Mrs. Thomas for organizing this special event.

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