Club Invention After School Program

invention picNMS is thrilled to bring a new after school enrichment opportunity to our students. Students in grades 5 and 6 can now register for Club Invention! Club Invention will be held on Mondays after school until 4:00 starting October 26- November 23. ***Please note that there is special scheduling one week, please check the registration form.

What will students be working on?

Trash Island: A Garbage Patch Journey™ module:
Children hear of the extreme build-up of trash in the North Pacific Central Ocean Gyre between California and Hawaii. They must figure out if it truly is an island, what it is made up of, and what can be done to keep it from growing. As a crew, children will be faced with ocean research challenges along the way – designing trawls, testing water quality, and creating their own underwater investigation equipment.

Cost: $59, includes all materials

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR CLUB INVENTION! Or, you can complete the registration form and return to school.

Please download the registration form for more information: Club Invention

Mrs. Greelis can’t wait to get started working on this project! We hope you will join her!

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