Nashoba Technical HS Information

Last week, over 100 8th graders visited Nashoba Technical High School in Westford.  During this half day experience, students were able to pick one of the 19 available technical areas to explore.  They received two hours of hands on experience with current students as a way of exploring the technical school option for their high school career.  Students were also provided lunch and had the opportunity to see a new promotional video about the tech before boarding the buses back the NMS.

Nashoba Tech will be host an Open House for potential students and families this Sunday, November 1, from 12-3. (See flyer below.)

The application process will begin in December.

Check out some pictures from our visit.

IMG_9748 IMG_9747 IMG_9746 IMG_9745

NT Open House








Students will be dismissed at 11:05 today for Teacher’s Professional Development.



orangeAll staff and students should wear orange on Friday to  stomp out bullying! Please, no Halloween costumes!




Artist of the Month

artistof month

Artist of the Month: October

 Sophia Yamanishi has been selected as Artist of the Month at Nissitissit for the month of October.  She has shown exceptional drawing skills during the first few months of school.  Here is a sample of some of her amazing work. For more about our art program, please check out Mrs. Gosselin’s blog at :
Expressive Lines
Directional Lines
Self Portrait
Symmetrical Name Design



Engineering Challenge for the 6 White Knights Team!

The students in Mrs. Greelis’ E Block were faced with an engineering challenge!  They were tasked with making a bridge for the Gingerbread Man to escape the dangers of the river and the Big, Bad Wolf!  The students used one index card and two books standing upright.  The index card could only touch the books one half inch on each side. The cards could not be cut or have anything added to them.  The students quickly discovered that if they folded the cards, they would become stronger.  The first place group of Lily Boccelli, Katie Chaple and Elizabeth Goodard made a bridge that held 170 grams.  We had a tie for second place by Matt McGowan and Josh Mendes, and Jack Desmarais and Matt Cormier with 130 grams each.  Nice work!

Matt and Jack E Block Shannen E Block (1) Lily and Katie E Block Tighe E Block

Grade 5 Vision Screenings


Attention all 5th Graders:

 Vision Screening will begin on Tuesday, October 27, 2015.  Please remember to bring your glasses or wear your contacts.  

 Please keep in mind that these screenings do not serve as a substitute for comprehensive exams by your child’s healthcare provider.  Routine eye exams are important —regardless of age or physical health.

If your child requires follow-up vision testing, you will receive a letter with your child’s screening results. 

The Soundinator

1015150837This week during E block , the six red team was exploring sound vibrations by making a “Soundinator” using cups, string,  a coat hanger and elastic bands!

Students explored different variables with the relationship of length and frequency of sound as they tapped the coat hanger with their pencils and  spoons. What fun!