100 Mile Club is back!

100 mile club

The 100 Mile Club® is back for a second year at Nissitissit Middle School with an exciting new addition.  Tufts University and New Balance has teamed up to challenge America’s students to run ONE BILLION MILES.  

The 100 Mile Club® was founded by Kara Lubin in 1993.  Kara was a teacher in California whose students struggled with learning and feeling successful.  She recognized they felt uninspired and often times like failures.  Now The 100 Mile Club®  is a non-profit organization that promotes an even playing field for everyone.  It is about fitness and genuine personal success through setting a lofty goal and working toward it.   It is a huge challenge, one that each and every one of us can achieve.  Accept the challenge and set a goal for yourself.  You are not competing against each other…. just yourself.  

All NMS students, staff, and families are challenged to run or walk 100 miles by June 1, 2016.  Every mile you log counts toward your personal goal of 100 miles and the Billion Mile Race.


billion mile raceThe Billion Mile Race allowed schools to count 100 Mile Club® miles from the 2014-2015 school year.  Last year, 142 students, teachers, and family members in Pepperell logged 11,166 miles.  Nissitissit is ranked 5 out of 64 schools in Massachusetts.  Google “Billion Mile Race” to find Nissitissit stats, they will be updated in January and in June 2016.

All NMS cross country miles, specific 5K runs, and hikes count toward the 100 mile goal, because they each match 100 Mile Club®  goal.  Wearing a fitbit to soccer, football, field hockey practices or other activities does NOT count, because the goal of these practices is to study and learn a new sports.

Registration Forms are available during PE classes and on the table outside of Ms. Stanton’s office.  

The first after school opportunity to log miles is Wednesday, September 30.  If it is raining, we don’t walk.

Ms. Daniels will be staying after school on Tuesdays and Ms. Stanton will be staying on Wednesdays.  Students should be picked up at 3:15 PM at the front entrance.  Rides home should be planned the night before students stay after school.  Students are welcome to stay after as long as they behave and follow directions the first time.

We suggest running/walking 3-5 miles a week.  You can do some of the miles at school and some at home.  If you need to – you can do all the miles at home.    Students are not required to stay after school to participate in the 100 Mile Club®.

Registration Forms must be returned to Ms. Stanton before you stay after school.  Students, staff, and NMS families… including parents are welcome to accept the challenge.  The cost is $12.00 per person.  Ten dollars for the incentive package and 2 dollars for shipping.  

The incentive package includes:


2014-15 SIGNATURE 100 Mile Club® T-shirt (Earned at 25 miles)

Golden Pencil (Earned at 50 miles)

Wristband (Earned at 75 miles)

Final Certificate for Medal Ceremony – available for all participants no matter the miles earned

Gold Medal with neckband (ONLY for participants who reach their 100-mile goal).


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