Our teachers continue to growth their brains!

What are our teachers doing this summer for professional development? 

Mr.  Pineda is studying food chemistry at the brand-new Antonucci Science Center at Fitchburg State University!  Hopefully, it will mean even more fun “edible labs”!



Assistant Superintendent Milligan, and science teachers, Mrs. Greelis and Mrs. Worth spent a week at the Science Summer Institute diving into the New Generation Science Standards.  They are working with representatives from 14 other school districts. Working in grade level teams, they are knee deep in the curriculum mapping process.  Our teachers are excited about the work they are doing and can’t wait to bring it back to their colleagues and students!


Our social studies team is working hard to completely rewrite the curriculum framework for grades 7 and 8!  We will provide you with more information about this change in another post. It is safe to say that Ancient History will soon be ancient history! In this picture, Mrs. Gleason and Ms. Warrington are working on sixth grade curriculum while Mr. Cullen, Mrs. Walmsley and Mr. Spaulding tackle the seventh and eighth grade units.


Mrs. Phillip (Hawthorne Brook), Ms. Hall, and Mrs. Mitza work together on developing a new ELA unit.




Math teachers Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Carbone, and Mr. Cormier (not pictured) have been working with Assistant Superintendent Nancy Milligan on our grade level curriculum maps.

20150722_091312 20150722_125015






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