More Teacher Travels: Mrs. Cunha visits Uruguay


Fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Cunha, just returned from a trip to Uruguay! Her visit to Uruguay was awesome, even though it was winter there!  She had the opportunity to visit a cattle ranch.  Uruguay is noted for their grass-fed, free range beef.  The people wearing black felt hats are called gauchos.  They are professional cowboys.  She also went to a winery that had a gourmet restaurant and beautiful lands with many animals.  Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and half of the population of the country lives there.  On a walk along the shore of the Rio de la Plata, she and her family found a stranded baby seal.  Very sad.  Her daughter-in-law called an animal agency to get it some help.  Also, along the Rio de la Plata you will find empty turtle eggs!  This area of the Rio de la Plata is where the river meets the ocean.  She visited an open market where practically everything is sold – from clothes, food, to live animals.  They do have a McDonalds.  It costs $50 pesos for a hamburger!  The exchange rate was $27 pesos = $1.00.  How much was the burger? Mrs. Cunha is looking forward to telling her students all about Uruguay in September!


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