Summer Selfies!

20150712_123731Today’s summer selfie is of our principal, Mrs. Gleason! Over the weekend, she hit the beach, but not without a good book. Mrs. Gleason is currently reading Driven by Data by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo. At NMS, we continue to investigate new methods that will lead to an improvement in student achievement.  Using many kinds of data to inform instruction is one of the methods we continue to implement. This past year, we held Data Team meetings where teachers analyzed data, had meaningful conversations, brainstormed different instructional strategies, and created targeted instruction groups. We hope to use many of the ideas in this book during professional development time with our teachers.

Please send us your summer selfies! We want to see where and what you are reading! Let’s hope Mrs. Young doesn’t get fired for posting this picture! 😉



  1. Summer Selfie…..Cassidy Fallon camping in the White Mountains along the Saco River reading “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige.



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