Donate your used fitness equipment!

fitnessDoing a little cleaning over the summer? Do you have fitness equipment hanging around your house collecting dust?  The Physical Education teachers at NMS have been working over the summer to develop new and exciting units for NMS students! One area we would like to expand upon is a fitness unit. To do this properly, we are seeking donations of used fitness equipment such as medicine balls, stability balls, yoga mats, hand weights, resistance bands, and any other item you are looking to donate.  Please drop items off in the office. Thank you!


School Supplies

back to school supplies

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but I heard an advertisement for back to school sales over the weekend! While we still have many weeks of summer vacation ahead, it’s never to soon to take advantage of some great sales! All students were provided a grade level specific supply list in their report card envelopes on the last day of school. If this piece of paper has magically disappeared from your kitchen, we have posted all of the supply lists on our website and at the bottom of this post. Hard copies are also available at the office.

I’d like to add that getting ready for a new school year with a new binder, pencils, and lunch box sets the tone for a positive,  new beginning.  A new school year is a fresh start for all. Coming to school prepared and organized is a great way to start the year off on the right foot! Happy shopping!


8th Grade

7th Grade

6th Grade

5th Grade


Teacher Travels: Mrs. Edgerly goes to China

Our own Speech and Language Pathologist, Mrs. Edgerly just returned from an amazing trip to China! Mrs. Edgerly’s daughter, Rebecca is living in Dalian, China, working as a Marine Engineer in a shipyard overseeing the build of oil rigs, tankers, and cargo ships. So, Mr. & Mrs. Edgerly went to visit! They were very impressed with Rebecca’s use of the Chinese language. There are four different tones in Mandarin and by changing the tone, the word has a very different meaning. Tricky! Sometimes that meant when ordering dinner you receive something unexpected! 🙂 For example the word “ma” in one tone means “mother”, another means “to bother”, or “horse” or “to scold”.

They visited The Great Wall, the Ancient City Wall surrounding Xian, and the site of the Terra Cotta Warriors near Xian. The views from the Great Wall were breathtaking!  They were able to rent bikes and ride the 8 miles around the city wall of Xian and visited the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and Llama Temple in  Beijing. The last week of their trip was spent in Rebecca’s home city of Dalian, a seaport city of only 6 million people and favorite of summer tourists.




subway map

This is the subway map Mrs. Edgerly used to navigate through China!

the wall

Breathtaking views from the Great Wall!

How to check out ebooks from the library for free from an iPad!


overdriveMr. Worth took time over the summer to go through and demonstrate how to use the app Overdrive in the Apple App Store to download ebooks! This is a great way for parents and students to access thousands of books without even traveling to the library. All you need is a library card! Click on the link below and download books while you sit at the pool! Thanks, Mr. Worth!


Look who is reading…


Cassidy Fallon is reading “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige while camping in the White Mountains along the Saco River!


What a perfect way to spend the afternoon, reading a book in the grass! Samantha is reading “The Scorch Trials” by James Dashner (The Maze Runner Series), Tori is reading “Divergent” by Veronica Roth, Rachel is reading “Celebrate the Sponge” and Kiersten (Tori’s little sister) is reading ” The Mouse Who Wanted to Marry” by Doris Orgel.



What are you reading? Where are you reading? Send your photos and book titles to us at

Happy Reading!

Summer Selfies!

20150712_123731Today’s summer selfie is of our principal, Mrs. Gleason! Over the weekend, she hit the beach, but not without a good book. Mrs. Gleason is currently reading Driven by Data by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo. At NMS, we continue to investigate new methods that will lead to an improvement in student achievement.  Using many kinds of data to inform instruction is one of the methods we continue to implement. This past year, we held Data Team meetings where teachers analyzed data, had meaningful conversations, brainstormed different instructional strategies, and created targeted instruction groups. We hope to use many of the ideas in this book during professional development time with our teachers.

Please send us your summer selfies! We want to see where and what you are reading! Let’s hope Mrs. Young doesn’t get fired for posting this picture! 😉


Prevent the Summer Reading Slide


Research shows that students who do not read over the summer will lose up to 3 months of reading achievement.  Further, this reading loss is cumulative. For example, a student who doesn’t read over the summer throughout all four middle school years, could be more than a full year behind his or her peers in reading. Our fifth and sixth reading teachers presented great lessons on preventing the “summer slide” during the month of June in their reading classes.  Students looked at data, so that they could fully understand “the slide”. Then, they made a reading plan. Have you seen your child’s plan? They chose books they wanted to read, they charted dates they could read on a calendar, they even indicated where they would read. Many teachers took students to the Lawrence Library to become familiar with the space and all of the cool programs they offer.  We even had book swaps, so that students could stock up on great reading materials! Our teachers joined in the fun and decorated their doors with all of the titles they are going to read! We will share pictures of the doors throughout the summer.

Your children are ready to read, they just may need a reminder! Over the course of the summer, we will be posting Book Reviews written by students and teachers. Please encourage your child to email me when they read a great book. Also, we’d love some “selfies” of our students and teachers reading, send those along, too! Let’s see all of the cool places NMS students and teachers go to read!


Look what Mrs. Gleason is reading this summer!


Check out what Mrs. Young is reading this summer!