Save your Box Tops!


Are you saving your BOX TOPS while you enjoy snacks on the beach or have friends over for a cookout? The PTSG is having a competition to see which homeroom can collect the most Box Tops and Labels for Education over the summer! I can tell you that the Young family is going to eat one bag of Goldfish crackers a day in efforts to win! Put a baggie on your fridge and fill it up! Every one counts!


Happy Fun Free Friday!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! FREE admission Fridays!



NMS Boys Win Nashoba Cup!

The Pepperell  Boys Under 14 team won the Nashoba Cup Tournament this weekend!  They will now play in the State Championship this coming Friday and Saturday .

Congratulations to : Ryan Tomasini, Jack Phoenix, Ty Clemetson, Andrew Fetterolf, Rudy Clemetson, Patrick Maley, Dylan Hoffman, Cal Hutchinson , Jacob Talmer, Robert Istnick, Adam Koretsky , Joseph McGuirk , Owen Marr , Colin Anselmi , Matthew McMahon, and Cam Frechette.

The team is coached by Tim Phoenix, Dave Matt and Mike Maley.


5th Grade Library Field Trip!

The 5th graders kicked off their summer reading with a field trip to the Lawrence Library! Students were able to get library cards and check out books and audio books. Ms. Shannon, Head of Youth Services was an excellent host and tour guide. Thank you Ms. Shannon! For more information about the amazing summer events at the library or to “check out” an ebook head on over the Lawrence Library website.

In an effort to get even more books into the hands of our soon-to-be 6th graders, we will be holding a book swap on Friday the 19th. 5th graders don’t forget to bring in books you’re done with so you can find some new books to love!


Bacteriology!?  In Middle School!?  You bet!  Complex subject material becomes easy when it’s hands-on.  Students use edible models to learn about different types of bacteria:  a Skittle becomes a “coccus”; a Hot Tamale becomes a “bacillus”; a Gummi Worm becomes a “spirillum”. Next, students get to use a real Bacterial Incubator and petri dishes with nutrient agar to study harmless bacteria found in the environment around them.  How sweet it is!

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5th grade students on team red  piloted the use of JogNog at NMS this year! Our students  answered over 10,000 unique science questions correctly this past year!  We are now in the elite 10K Club of the JogNog Science Challenge. Read below to learn more about JogNog.


JogNog is used for review and assessment of required educational standards by tens of thousands of teachers around the world.

  • Over 1,700 interactive quizzes with 70,000 standards-based questions across all subjects
  • FLASH quizzes for quick review of key science terms
  • 2012, 2013, and 2014 MCAS questions

JogNog provides a comprehensive system for formative and summative assessment that motivates students to learn in an engaging and fun way. JogNog delivers quizzes aligned to Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and state curriculum standards for grades 2 through 12. JogNog uses the latest in educational research to create a competitive learning app that enhances student assessment and learning. JogNog is available on the web, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, and the educational tablets Amplify and Kuno. For more information about JogNog, visit