100 Mile Club

100 mile club

Our first year of the 100 Mile Club is ending this week.  We were thrilled with the turnout! All winter long, we had a dedicated group of students walking the hallways of NMS. Now, in the better weather, they are walking outside in the sunshine! It was wonderful to see students and teachers walking together!  At this time,  students, family members, and staff need to complete and sign “Total Miles Contracts” and turn them into Ms. Stanton by Friday, June 5.  There is a table set up outside of room 105, on the lower level. Mrs. Nee will also have extra copies at the office.

 It is very important that all participants complete the form! Everyone who participated will be awarded a certificate at the last grade level GREAT/CLICK assembly of the year. The total number of miles listed on the contract will be written on the certificate.  For example, if a student logged 150 miles, their certificate will say 150 miles.  Students who achieve the 100 mile goal will also be awarded a medal.

Thank you to Ms. Stanton for bringing this great wellness opportunity to NMS. The 100 Mile Club will be back in the fall with some exciting new changes!


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