Have you seen the beautiful Matherpieces created by our students on STEAM Day? In this great activity combining art and math, students recreated an original work of art using proportional drawing techniques. The original painting was blown up and then divided into squares. Each student then contributed one square. Students had to reproduce every detail from their portion of the painting to scale onto their individual square using colored pencils. Next, all the student’s squares were combined to form the new matherpiece!

The fifth grade created a colorful piece by Keith Haring.

The sixth grade created Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

The seventh grade used pointillism to create a piece by Paul Signac.

The eighth graders created the famous “Mona Lisa”.

Next time you visit our lobby, take a look! A special thank you to Mrs. Mazur, Mrs. Williams, and Mr. Cormier for organizing this activity. The preparation was tremendous, but well worth it!



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