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MCAS Testing……


Well, this is it, MCAS week! At NMS, we know that our students are well prepared to take this test.  They have sharpened their skills all year and are ready to rock this test! We work hard to create a calm testing environment for students. We also limit other academic demands during testing time.  Here are a few hints to prepare:

1. Have your child go to bed early the night before so that they are well rested.

2. Encourage your child to eat breakfast. Many middle school students skip breakfast. Try to give them something to take with them as they run out of the door in the morning. Or, better yet, make them their favorite breakfast.

3. If your child is nervous, reassure them that it’s nothing they haven’t done in school and just to do their best.

Mrs. Gleason and Mrs. Young will meet with all students tomorrow for a motivational pep talk! The PTSG has also graciously provided students with snacks . Thank you!

Testing Schedule:

Tuesday, March 31 Grades 5 & 8 ELA Session 1

Wednesday, April 1 Grades 5 & 8 ELA Session 2

Thursday, April 2 Grade 7 Long Composition

Tuesday, April 7 Grades 6 & 7 ELA Session 1

Wednesday, April  8 Long Composition Make Up

Thursday, April 9 Grades 6 & 7 ELA Session 2

Friday, April 10 Make Ups

Monday, April 13 Last day to complete make ups



High School Art Show

The annual North Middlesex High School Art Show will be on display at the Townsend Library beginning April 2. The Opening Reception is Thursday, April 2 from 5-7 pm. There will be live music and the National Art Honor Society will once again host the “Empty Bowls” benefit fundraiser. Handmade/hand-painted ceramic bowls will be sold with a free ice cream sundae! Come out and see the beautiful artwork and support the high school art department! Ms. Domings would love to see you!


Tapping Maple Trees


On this beautiful day (Wednesday), Mr. Pineda’s science class went outdoors to check the taps in the maple trees. What a great way to tap into student energy and celebrate spring!  The tradition of tapping maple trees began in 2004, the year our school was built, when Mr. Pineda and his students first identified 13 sugar maples big enough to be tapped.  This year, two more trees were big enough to tap for a total of 15 trees. Just when it seemed like the sap would never run, we were teased with 12 gallons on one warm day last week.  The day these pictures were taken was even better as some buckets were ready to overflow!  Children and staff are free to take sap home to boil into delicious 100 % Pepperell Maple Syrup! Check out the pictures!

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Have you seen the beautiful Matherpieces created by our students on STEAM Day? In this great activity combining art and math, students recreated an original work of art using proportional drawing techniques. The original painting was blown up and then divided into squares. Each student then contributed one square. Students had to reproduce every detail from their portion of the painting to scale onto their individual square using colored pencils. Next, all the student’s squares were combined to form the new matherpiece!

The fifth grade created a colorful piece by Keith Haring.

The sixth grade created Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

The seventh grade used pointillism to create a piece by Paul Signac.

The eighth graders created the famous “Mona Lisa”.

Next time you visit our lobby, take a look! A special thank you to Mrs. Mazur, Mrs. Williams, and Mr. Cormier for organizing this activity. The preparation was tremendous, but well worth it!



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NMS Track & Field

trackWe are excited to offer Track & Field as a spring sport to students in grades 6 through 8.   There are no tryouts and all students are welcome to participate. Athletes need only a pair of running shoes, shorts, a tee shirt, and water bottle. Tee shirts for meets will be provided.  The season runs from the end of March until the end of May.  Practices are held from 2:40 to about 3:30.  We will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays up until April break, and starting on April 28th, we will practice on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.  Meets begin on April 16th and are held at North Middlesex Regional High School or another local school. The school district provides transportation to all meets. However, transportation is NOT provided back to Nissitissit after home meets. A calendar of events is available online through the NMRHS website:

As you may already know, the School Committee voted to institute athletic user fees for both middle and high school sports. Middle school athletes are now required to pay a fee of $80. The fee must be in the form of check or money order. Cash will not be accepted.  Checks should be made out to North Middlesex Regional School District. If paying by check, please write the athletes name in the memo section. If the fee provides a financial hardship, please contact Ms.Hall. Parents must also complete a Parental Consent form prior to participation, and also submit student physical and concussion forms (2).  Sign ups are now completed online through NMRHS website under NM athletics. If you have any issues signing up online, please let Ms. Hall or Ms. Daniels know as soon as possible.

The first practice will be held on Tuesday, March 31st for athletes who have returned their paperwork and fee.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school or contact Coach Kristin Hall at or Assistant Coach, Lori Daniels at

Shamrock Crystals

shamrock crystals

Mrs. Worth’s 5th grade science students have been learning about solutions. On St. Patrick’s Day, they created saturated solutions in order to form crystals. Students were able to create and observe crystals made of borax, rock salt and epsom salt. If your student has Mrs. Worth for science be sure to ask them which part of their solution is the solute and which part is the solvent! Want to try making crystals at home? Check out the easy to follow directions in the link below.


Click here to view instructions