Brook Trout at NMS


Mr. Pineda’s Life Science class has several new additions- 60 Brook Trout eggs! On Monday, The Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife delivered 60 Brook Trout eggs to our school. The eggs will be kept in a large refrigerated aquarium in Mr. Pineda’s classroom, which is kept at a cool 52 degrees. Some of the eggs have started to hatch already! The rest will follow suit soon. Using dissecting microscopes, students were able to view the eggs today. Under the microscope, the fishes’ heart, capillaries and yolk sac were visible. Each trout will feed on its yolk sac for 2 months, at which time it will begin to swim and Mr. Pineda and his class will start feeding the fish. The activity will culminate in the spring with a field trip to the Willard Brook State Forest in Ashby where the trout will be released.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing project!


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